I am very grateful with all the people that help me to collect fruits sitckers, specially to:


My family: Melina (my wife and secretary), Andres, Anita (mother), Tito (father), Julieta (niece), Dña. Mela (mother in law), Mauro and Leandro (brothers in law), Matilde (godmother in law), Daniel (cousin in law).


Friends from here and there: Ilda, Cristina, Cristiane, Diorge, Maycon, Rafael, Chuck, Roberto, Santiago, Gabriel, Ivana, Germán, Manchalu, Margarida, Nicolas, Angie, Julia


Collectors: Miguel, Carmelo, Peter, Hans, Wojciech, Nickolaus, Xavier, Didier, Kati, David, Françoise, Eugene, Laurence, Thomas, Žan, Micheal, Daniel, Pavel, Stanko, Nicole, Kevin, Manuel, Tatyana, Jacques, Oleg, Jean-Pierre, Randy, Pascal, John, Joan, Jean Gabriel, Jiri, Alessandro and Bob.


Contributors: Mauricio from Banquality